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Cyclers help cities get more people cycle more. Leveraging innovations in technology and behavioural psychology, Cyclers provide next-generation tools for understanding, facilitating and promoting cycling.

Smart Digital Platform for Boosting Cycling

Inform & Navigate Cyclists

Make cycling simpler! Leveraging crowdsourcing and artificial intelligence, the Cyclers app delivers accurate, up-to-date and personalized advice on how and where to cycle in your city in a safe and enjoyable way. Eliminate the fear of unknown and help your citizens discover the beauty of cycling!.

Collect & Analyse cycling data

The Cyclers app collects large data sets, including user-recorded GPS trajectories and crowdsourced issue reports. Cyclers data engine analyses the collected data to answer who, where, why and when rides the bike, which issues cyclists face while cycling and how to best fix these issues.

Motivate & Incentivize cycling

Make cycling more rewarding! Employ data-driven behaviour change techniques to make your citizens use the bike as their daily means of trasnport. Encourage and reward those who opt to choose sustainable mobility regularly – they deserve it!

Communicate & Engage cycling community

Communicate directly with the cycling community, solicit feedback and engage citizens in participative decision making about planning and implementing pro-cycling measures. Send notifications and let the citizens know about issues in the network in real time, or invite them to cycling related event!

Most capable and best-rated

The best on the market

Apps built using our Cyclers platform are the top rated apps in the whole of Play Store. Our leadership is grounded in the innovative mix of advanced technology and psychology.

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With the average user rating of 4.5-4.7, apps based on Cyclers rank among the world's highest rated.


The most complete features among all cycling apps, including bike sharing and public transport integration.


Powered by big data and artificial intelligence algorithms grounded in years of scientific research.